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3 Ways to Celebrate Mother's Day While Distancing

Mother's Day 2020 is NOT cancelled! Show mom you love her this Sunday.

In this time of social distancing you have to get creative in order to celebrate mom while staying safe.


3 Ways to Connect with Mom While Staying Distant

Talent Show 

Set up a video chat on Zoom, FaceTime, Facebook or Instagram and show her what you're working with! Sing, dance, teach her a TikTok routine, cook, recite a poem, put on a fashion show - it doesn't matter! Mom will always be your biggest fan no matter what.

Pimp Mom's Yard 

Drop by her house and cut the grass. Pull the weeds. Plant some flowers. Decorate her porch with balloons and signs. She will love to see you from the window and will appreciate the beauty you added to her yard.

Virtual Brunch

Drop off a home cooked meal, or have brunch delivered from a local restaurant. Get on video chat with the whole family as ya'll eat, talk and laugh. Don't forget the dessert and champagne.

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