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Last Day to Get Cash for Rent

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

The ban on evictions has ended (unless Congress extends it in the next Stimulus Bill)

Need money to help pay March - July rent?

Today (August 6) is the last day to apply for the New York State Covid Rent Relief subsidy. It helps fill the gap for families who've lost income during the shutdown.

Apply right now!

This program is Cuomo's answer to the call to "Cancel Rent".

It was announced 2 weeks ago, and that means the application window is already closing.

This is not a first come first serve financial aid. Everyone who gets their application and supporting documents in by Thursday night will potentially get a check sent to their landlords for a portion of rent due. This will help a lot of New Yorkers stay in their homes.

The federal CARES Act that was passed in March temporarily banned evictions and late fees until July 25.

Obviously that date has passed and now landlords can now ask you to leave for non-payment.

But the soonest they can legally file an eviction to force you to leave is Aug. 24.

Apply right now!

Call 1 833 499 0318 for help with the application.

If you get approved, the money will be sent within 2-4 weeks.


”Rent Burden” = Rent Divided by Income

That's the percentage of your household income that goes to rent every month.

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Hustle for Health
Hustle for Health
Aug 06, 2020

Updated to reflect the application extension!